About Services - Fit Out

Barnes Woodfield has carried out a number of fit out projects in a range of business sectors including education, commercial, education and office. For more details about each of the projects shown below, click on the image, or contact the Company direct.



Commercial Fit Out:                        Ringdove Properties Ltd

                                                                           Dover Street, W1    


Phased strip out and re-fit of cloakrooms on six floors of an occupied office building.



Education Fit Out:                           Girl's Day School Trust

                                                                          Streatham & Clapham High School                                                                 


The strip out and total re-fit of two science teaching laboratories.



Office Fit Out:                                 Capital & Counties

                                                                         Turnford Place, Cheshunt, Herts      


Base fit out of second floor office suite following vacation by tenant.